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Rules of Conduct and Internet Policy
Rules of Conduct
Internet Policy

Library patrons are not permitted to:

  1. Interfere with another person’s use of the Library or with Library personnel’s performance of their duties.  Such interference includes, but is not limited to:  talking loudly, making excessive noise, sexual harassment, abusive and threatening language, threatening or harassing behavior, loitering outside the building, indecent exposure.

  2. Consume food or beverages in the Library.  Food or beverages brought into the Library must be stored in such a manner that they do not pose a danger of damaging or soiling the Library’s facilities or collections.

  3. Sleep anywhere in the Library, lie or lounge on the floor, put feet on furniture or move furniture other than chairs at tables.

  4. Willingly conceal or hide materials within the Library facilities. (Weapons of any kind are prohibited on Library property.)

  5. Remain in Library facilities after closing.  Persons who need assistance to return home may be referred to the police in order to ensure their safety.

  6. Engage in conduct that may reasonably be expected to endanger the health and safety of Library users or employees, or cause or threaten to cause damage to Library materials and facilities.  The Library reserves the right to limit the number of persons who may sit together at a single table or carrel.  The Library may also restrict adult use of the Children’s areas in order to ensure the adequate protection of the Library facilities and of persons and property therein.  Washrooms on the 2nd floor are restricted to use by children who may be accompanied by parents, guardians, or caregivers 16 years or older.

  7. Smoke anywhere in the Library.

  8. Play audio equipment so others can hear it.  The use of headsets is permitted as long as such use does not disturb other patrons.  Cell phone usage is restricted to the Library rotunda.

  9. Bring animals into the Library, except those needed to assist a patron with a disability.

  10. Use the Library’s department phones, staff computers or staff workroom areas.

  11. Use the Library’s restrooms as laundry facilities, bathing facilities or gathering places.

  12. Use the Library facilities to store personal belongings.

  13. Leave children who are in need of supervision unattended.  (Children under the age of 8 must be attended by a parent or other responsible caregiver (age 16 or older at all times while in the Library).

  14. Solicit, petition, canvass or sell anywhere on Library property.

  15. Go without shirts, blouses or shoes inside the building.
Internet Policy

All users of the online computer systems or networks accessible through the Maywood Public Library District's computers, including the Internet, World Wide Web, and any online services, bulletin boards or discussion groups, are advised that such computers and systems are made available to the Library and its patrons exclusively for educational and informational purposes. Users of the Library's computers are further advised that the Maywood Public Library District does not control, nor can it be responsible for the contents of these systems, networks and services and that all of the on-line information, graphics and messages accessible through the Library's computers originate outside the Library.

Use of the Library's computers must be for legal, acceptable uses.  Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to:


a)    harassment of others;

b)    defamation of others;

c)    disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications;

d)    unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material;

e)    destruction or damage to equipment, software or data;

f)     activities in violation of local, state, or federal laws, ordinances or regulation.


Persons who use the library for unacceptable uses may lose the privilege of using Library facilities including access to its computer systems.

Completely preventing users from all systems, networks and services which may or do contain material, messages or graphics that are considered offensive to a user, or inappropriate for minors, is not technically feasible. Accordingly, users should be aware that they may encounter messages, materials or graphics that they find offensive. Parents are strongly advised to monitor their children's use of the Library's computer system, or the services, programs and networks connected to it, if they wish to control the information, messages and graphics to which their children are exposed.

Effective on Monday November 5, 2007
  • There will be a 1-Hour A Day Time Limit For All Computer Users.

• If you do not have your library card or forget your pin #, you must:
      Show a current photo I.D. or proof of residency


Pay a 50¢ service charge to access your library account information.
  • There is a $2.00 Non-Resident Fee for all patrons who do not have a Maywood library card.  
Thank you!
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