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          Rules of Conduct and Internet Policy    
Computer Center Procedures

SAM: On June 11th, 2005, the Maywood Public Library District acquired a new automated attendant system for all of the adult public computers. SAM (Smart Access Manager) allows Maywood patrons to type in their own library card barcodes along with a self-made PIN number to access the Internet and other software.  Printed documents are paid for directly from the user's library card, which serves as a debit card.  The patron's library card must be in good standing (no fines or late fees) for SAM to permit the user to access a computer.

Printing: The cost of printing from the regular printer is $.10 per page. It is highly advised that you pick up your copies as soon as they print out to insure that your copies are not accidentally removed. The Maywood Public Library District bears no responsibility if this occurs.

Fax Machine: Faxes can be made in the Computer Center for the cost of $1.00 per page.

Youth Services Computers: Another 5 computers are located in the Youth Services Department for grade school children. Children are required to show their library cards before getting onto a computer.

Computer Center Procedures

Sessions are limited to one hour. Additional time may be granted if no one is waiting.

OPACPatrons must use their own Maywood Public Library card.

If you do not have your library card or forget your pin #, you must show a current photo I.D. or proof of residency to access your library account information.

Non-Residents may use the Express Computer (20 minute limit) or purchase a guest pass for $2.00.

Only one person to a computer station.  Loitering is prohibited. 

Printing is $.10 per page. Patrons are responsible for all copies. Please ask for assistance before printing.

Cell phone usage is only permitted in the areas by the elevators and restrooms.

Please adjust headphone volumes so that others are not disturbed.

Did you know?

  • The Computer Center is busiest during the late afternoon and early evening hours.

  • Grade school students may use the computers on the second floor in the Children’s Department.

  • The 1st Floor Computer Center is often full, but rotations are common. Even when people are ahead of you, the wait time is usually no longer than 15 minutes.

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