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Online Job Searching and
Resume Building Websites


Career Builder
Post up to five different resumes online.  You may choose various privacy levels in case you do not want every online company to view your resume.

CC Job
This job website was created by a number of junior colleges located in northern Illinois.

Exploring Your Career Options
Offers suggestions on preparing for college, forms of aid, who can receive it, and repaying student loans.

Get a Job/ALA
A toolkit from the American Library Association for acquiring a job when the economy is tough.

Illinois Community College Board
Resources on locating community colleges, contacting them, and seeing what job opportunities are available.

Illinois Community College Jobs
Locate staff, student, and faculty positions at Illinois community colleges.

Illinois Department of Employment Security
A state website for applying for unemployment insurance, claiming benefits, gaining information on the career and labor market, and accessing Illinois worknet.

Illinois Work Net Center
A site for either individuals who are planning a career, or businesses searching for talent, training resources, or information for management.
This databases can be used to search through multiple job banks.

Job Star Central
View the salary ranges of different jobs to get a better idea of which jobs you want to apply for online.
This site will allow you to make complex online resumes that cover almost every question a company may ask.

Receive information on borrowing, earning, saving, and investing your money.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
A useful resource for teachers, lawyers, nurses, and other professions.  Explanations on the required levels of education needed for certain careers can also be found here.

Put Illinois to Work
A program initiated by Governor Pat Quinn for the creation of jobs in Illinois.  This is a useful website for job searchers, employers, and people looking for connections.

Retirement Income Calculator
Online method for calculating your TSP monthly payments and life annuity.

This website divides its available jobs into several different categories, simplifying job hunting for people who are searching for a specific position.

Snag a
A recommended website for people who are looking for hourly employment.  These types of jobs are often difficult to find on many of the other online job services.

Triton: Career Services
This section of Triton College's website had PDF files of some of the recent job opportunities that are currently available through 11 community

Triton College: College Central Network Services
Recent job postings can sometimes be found through this website offered by Triton College.

USA Jobs: Working for America
The official job site for the federal government, with specific jobs searches for students, veterans, senior executives, and people with disabilities.

The Vault
This website has an expert moderated message board that shares information concerning the latest corporate news and job advice.  It also allows people to network with one another.

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