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Reference and Informational Websites

Acronym Finder (AF)
Useful for learning the meanings behind different acronyms or an abbreviations.

Babel Fish
A website that can translate words into other languages.
An online reference collection containing resources such as Gray’s Anatomy, World Factbook, Roget’s International Thesaurus, Farmer’s Cookbook, Bulfinch’s Mythology, Cambridge History, and more.

The Best of History Websites
Find websites that discuss Ancient, Biblical, Medieval, and American history.  Along with history, you can also find maps and ideas for forming lesson plans.

The Encyclopedia of Chicago
A visual history of the Chicagoland area.
Over 100 dictionaries and encyclopedias can be utilized on this websites.  At the end of every article is an example of how to cite this resource according to the Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, and the APA.

Encyclopedia Mythica
An online resource that focuses on the myths and legends of Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

A glossary of computer and Internet terminology.

I-Share (formerly ILLINET)
An array of materials that are available through the academic and research libraries of Illinois.

Illinois Citizen's Library of Illinois-Comprehensives Knowledge Service (Illinois. CLICKS)
A type of online library, which offers information on jobs, consumer goods, homework aids, and laws.

Illinois State Library
The library for the entire state of Illinois.  Search through different library collections, read about recent events, and learn about new projects in the Illinois library system.

Illinois States Archives
An online index of regularly used databases, including, but not limited to, Public Domain Land Tract Sales, databases for Illinois veterans, the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, the Illinois Statewide Death Index, and government records that are maintained by the system of the Illinois Regional Archives Depository System (IRAD system).

The Internet Movie Database
Summaries of movies, fan reviews, biographical information on actors, and casts of movies are available here.  This site is very useful for people who often remember the names of actors but cannot remember the names of the films in which they starred. 

SILC (State of Illinois Catalog)
A union catalog that combines WorldCat with various collections found in the Illinois Library systems. 

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Online)
An online display of collections and exhibitions, including a link for career and volunteer opportunities.

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